Ida H


This is my job. The crew is great, the food as well. We work hard and all have feelings for the ship, Ida H. She is an old lady, 45 years to be exact. She is amazing. I believe all of 6 on board have some kind of romantic approach to the life at sea, at least I do for sure. I have, without a doubt, dedicated my life to the oceans. This is my present element and the base of my future adventures. There will be plenty. will be something of a blog, mainly focusing on videos. I just found out I really enjoy shooting and editing them. Since I also spend a lot of time doing things that I believe could be of interest to some of my friends and others, I want to share it. My way to be happy, is to just try things out. My previous failures and wins have taught me my boundaries. My conclusion is that almost nothing is impossible. I´m not that much into extreme sports, which I feel a bit sorry for, but my ways of finding adrenaline and getting an outlet for my creativity are still plenty.

Some of the things I will bring up are possible for anyone to try without any great investments. To be found here, will be the pleasures attainable from the Nature. When not on the oceans, there will be hunting, gathering and primitive survival. There might be some philosophy, yes most likely. And a lot more. It will be fun!

The name of the webpage will make a bit more sense further on, when Yggdra becomes the main character.



Let the adventure begin!



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