The launching of Yggdra

The first touch of spring came yesterday, with zero wind and a beaming sun. A few days ago I signed off my work onboard Ida H, having a long to do list before this girl would be fit for a swim. The weather played out in my favor and when the day finally came it all went as planned. To be fair, everything regarding this project has played out as planned or even better. For the first time in my life I feel like I have a purpose and this motivation is surrounding me with good energy. My days can still be dark and cloudy but there is a deeper drive pushing me ahead. Knowing where I´m going and laying out the road to get there is very stimulating. I wish all of you take the chance of pursuing your dreams when you get the chance. If you happen to dream about sailing, like me, but don´t have a ship of your own, join my crew and we go exploring together.

The next chapter has now begun. The long and most overwhelmingly beautiful one that led up to this day is completed. What lies ahead is a lot, there is plenty to sort out with a ship that has been abandoned for many years. The rewards will though be plenty. Getting the engine running, testing all equipment available now that she is in the water, getting the rig tuned and fully equipped and finally learning how to sail her. Worth mentioning is that when I found her, I couldn’t sail. Since then I´ve devoured books in the subject and last summer I learned a lot when sailing the traditional ship Hoppet, told of in a previous post. Since I basically traded my flat for this ship, this is also my home.

I will document most of this adventure. Yggdra will bring Shippa and myself, along with my friends, to the most remarkable destinations. If you want to join, there is no need for background knowledge, we learn by doing and the navigational part I will teach you. Nothing can limit us, the World is at our feet and we have yet most of its beauties to discover. I will try not to curse it though because we all know that all good might come to an abrupt end and everything is always changing. Even so, the journey is what it´s about, not the destination. Learning, is a powerful therapy.

May the sun be with your souls and your hours in the nature plenty!

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