Dear Crew, The progression of time feels more merciless for each year that passes. The speed with which days turn into months and years could be seen as our only real enemy. Along with the Corona virus of course. Or […]

Sweden to Portugal 2020

This project marks the end of a chapter. With great relief I turn the page and look forward. Planting the Seed – The Baltic Sea [Part 1] / Yggdra Sailing “Let the adventure begin” The mantra echoed through my mind. […]

Baltic Sea Triology

Comeback! Two years have passed since I visited my original webpage. Too much have been on my mind and on my to-do lists. Now it feels like it is time again. Last November I was standing on the airport of […]

Hanse Sail Rostock 2019

The first touch of spring came yesterday, with zero wind and a beaming sun. A few days ago I signed off my work onboard Ida H, having a long to do list before this girl would be fit for a […]

The launching of Yggdra

Abhi, Jens and Me were walking along the piers of Rostock during Hanse Sail. The day before we had arrived in darkness and were now stoked by the amont of ships present. Along with all the other crews and the […]

Traditional sailing with Hoppet

I´ll try to keep this short The story of how the ship below came in my possession is as long as I feel like making it. The story started a sunny day in May and is still in the making, […]


Welcome! This is my job. The crew is great, the food as well. We work hard and all have feelings for the ship, Ida H. She is an old lady, 45 years to be exact. She is amazing. I believe […]

Ida H